A Day in the Life of Meesh!

What sites and/or applications do you visit most often? Describe the sites and applications that you identify?

I am very big into Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. In my opinion, I find the most photos and videos on these platforms and if you know me you know that my favorite hobby is taking photos and making videos! I also use some of these platforms to keep up with family and friends, changing trends, and to build knowledge on things i’d like to learn.

Check out some photos I took in France and Amsterdam last year below!

Do you have positive or negative reactions when using certain types of digital media?

I typically have positive reactions to the digital media I use due to the fact that I really only follow things that peak my interest. The only time I really have any negative reactions is if something I am following is about something upsetting or if there is a person “bashing” what interests me.

Do you find that your needs are satisfied using one type of digital media over another?

I do enjoy all three of the platforms I use. I want to say I use Facebook the most just because its fun to watch videos and interesting to see whats going on in people’s lives but I have to say that my favorite is Tumblr. tumblr seems to have the most intricate photos and videos and I love to thumb through different peoples blogs who have similar interests as me and learn new photography tools I can use or cinematography tips for better films.

Do you receive emails from companies? If so, what types of email catch your attention? What do you look for?

I receive lots of emails from companies daily. Most of them are promoting new products or upcoming events. In all honesty, the ones that catch my eye the most are the ones that include sales or discount codes for products. I don’t think anyone can say it isn’t nice to purchase items at a discounted price, am I right?

What do you notice about the use of digital media in marketing today? Explain.

What I notice most about the use of digital media in marketing today is that a lot of times brands use “influencers” to gain attention or a bigger following base. Influencers are either celebrities or people who have a significant following base that can promote a brand to bring additional to it in order to better the brand’s success. I also notice that almost all brands send out discount codes monthly as another tactic to bring more attention to the brand.